Setting up Voicemeeter Potato

Voicemeeter is the recommended go-to plugin for those who wish to separate and route their programs, games and other audio through to different virtual outputs. In the following guide, we’ll set up the programs and applications so you can separate your Discord, Game and Music channels to be separate inputs in OBS


You’ll need the following programs

Install Voicemeeter

Download Voicemeeter from the website and run the installer, you can pretty much just select next till it’s installed. At the end of the install, it will ask you to reboot, which you should do.


Once you’ve installed VoiceMeeter Potato (Which we’ll now call VM) you can launch the program and be greeted by a blank version of the following.
Voicemeeter is seperated into 3 different sections

  • 5 Hardware inputs
  • 3 Virtual inputs
  • 5 Hardware Outputs

Whilst this looks complex at first once we’ve gone through the configuration it’ll make more sense.

Lets set VAIO3 input as the Playback default and Aux as the recording default. By doing this all your default sound is going to VAIO3 instead of your speakers, which means if you try to play any audio you probably won’t hear anything.

In the recording tab set Voicemeeter Aux Output as the default device
Set Voicemeeter Vaio3 input as default

Uncheck all the routing boxes except for A1 under Virtual Inputs Vaio 3 and then Select A1 under the hardware and choose your headphones, in this case, “Speakers (HyperX Cloud Revolvers). So now if we play some music you should hear it through your headphones.

If you remember we set VAIO3 as the default playback device so now all audio send to VAIO3 is now being directed to A1 (Our headphones)

So now let’s add our Microphone into the mix, Select hardware input 1 and then add your microphone.
If we enable A1, you’ll hear yourself speaking. So let’s turn that off and instead enable B2, this is Vaio Aux Output that we set as our default recording device earlier.


Lets separate Discord from the rest of our audio now. To start, open up discord and go to the Voice and Video settings. From there we’re going to set our input device as Voicemeeter Aux Output, also shown as B2 inside Voicemeeter. For our Output we’ll use Voicemeeter Aux Input.

If we select “Let’s check and try speaking you’ll see the meter move but won’t hear anything, this is because Voicemeeter Aux input isn’t currently being routed into our headphones.


In OBS now if we change our Audio settings to the below
Desktop = Vaio3 Input
Desktop Audio 2 = Aux input
Mic = Aux Output

Steam/in-game voice

Ensure you change steams voice recording from default to Aux output to ensure games pick up the correct microphone


Let’s now setup some Music, we’ll see this up so that only we can hear it and not OBS
Open up your sound settings and navigate to “App volume and device preferences”
From here we’re going to change Spotify’s output to “Voicemeeter input (Vaio)”

Now if we go back to Voicemeeter and enable A1 under Vaio virtual inputs and play the music is now going to our headphones but not being send to OBS. You can also see that Spotify is listed under Vaio.

If we did decide to send the audio through to OBS we can do it one of two ways, set up another audio device in OBS or sent it to our Game audio device.

In this case we’re going to utilise the Voicemeeter vaio track, in OBS set Vaio as VoiceMeeter Output. If we play music we’ll see the music playing out of Mic Audio device 2.

As you can see there are lots of different ways to configure VoiceMeeter, everyone’s setup is different so there are so many other ways to configure it. In the next post we’ll add Cantabile Lite to the mix so that we can alter our Microphone to get crisp audio.

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