Quick Update – 2020 – 2021

Samurai UK

I’m still here, and doing Homelab stuff but most of my setup is up and running so very little maintainance to do and not much being added.

As off the end of 2020 we moved house and have moved over to a Fibre connection over PPPoE. I setup a Pfsense server and have connected a Unifi access point to it running as the firewall, however, did not write my process up as it was all pretty straight forward and Lawrence Systems on Youtube covers everything ( I really do mean everything 😀 )

In addition I have added a 3D printer to my office and have been using to print bits and pieces for the lab as well as decoration.

I do have some projects planned now that the lab is settled into it’s own rack and not just scattered across the floor. So please stay tuned for some more guides hopefully.

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