So after more than a year of Cantabile Lite and Voicemeeter, I’ve finally gotten fed up with having to restart Cantabile lite to fix the robotic voice issues that have plagued me. In its replacement, we are now using Reaper!

I won’t be going into detail about configuring the VST’s as I did that in the previous blog post which you can find here:

What is Reaper?

Where Cantabile Lite was a simple VST host, Reaper is a fully-featured digital audio workstation software (DAW).

REAPER is a complete digital audio production application for computers, offering a full multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering toolset.

Reaper Website

Changes to VoiceMeeter

If you set up VoiceMeeter using my previous guide then you should be able to just straight-up swap Cantabile lite for Reaper.

Configuring Reaper

In Reaper, we’re going to modify the audio device to use VoiceMeeter Potatoes patch insert ASIO.

Set Audio system to ASIO, driver to Voicemeeter potato insert virtual ASIO and then set the input and output’s as shown in the screenshot below.

Next, we’re going to point our VST’s to the folder that they are installed to.

Setting up our track

Next, we’re going to insert a track, to do this select “Insert” and then Track or use the shortcut Ctrl + T.
For the input select “Input” then stereo and left/right

Adding the VST’s

To add our VST’s all we need to do is select the FX icon

Finally, we’re going to select Add and add-in our VST’s into Reaper.

If you’re unsure of what VST’s to use or how to configure them then head to my previous post about setting up Cantabile Lite.


  1. I’ve been using voicemeeter potato + Cantabile lite for about a year now and I too got tired of the constant robot voice!! I started trying to search for an alternative and ran into your guide. lol pretty funny, Awesome tutorial, cleanly displayed, and tackles an all too common issue!

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